View Full Version : Lost my account

01-06-2015, 07:40 PM
Ok great. So I have a couple problems here let's start from the beginning.

1) So I started playing this a few days ago and I had bought the first 2 bundles that popped up ($.99 and $2.99). I received the first bundle but the second bundle the payment went through but the coins/gems never appeared. I sent in a support ticket but never got a response (it's been 3 days now).

2) When it asked me to login to uplay I connected with facebook which made a new account. Today I went to try to change my username and found out I had previously made an account through xbox a few years ago, so I linked the 2 accounts together. On the website, I could then login through facebook and it would connect to the single account, but in the game it treated them as separate accounts still (if I logged in with my username/password it was my xbox account, but it lost all my progress). So I logged out and logged back in through facebook and it gave me my previous progress back but wasn't linked to the right account.

3) I came across a post that said to fix the missing bundle transaction thing to uninstall the game and reinstall it. So I uninstalled it on my phone (Nexus 6) only to find out that apparently they changed the requirements in the play store so it's not compatible with my phone anymore. Awesome. I decided to install it on another device that's never had this game before. Went through the tutorial and when I went and connected to my uplay account, neither of them had any progress.

I want to get support for this but I haven't received any response through email and I'm not sure what to do.