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01-06-2015, 04:15 AM
So I got assassins creed unity for Christmas, it took me all of 3 days to complete, that's with doing all the murder mysteries and Nostradamus fragments, so I didn't even rush the story.
Firstly I have to say paris is for the best part an incredibly enjoyable city, the variety of famous buildings, the interiors, the sewers, the way it all flowed so you didn't have to break the fun of free running! That was very enjoyable, however it has too much pointless filler. For example, I really enjoyed the murders but it felt like a chore having to collect things, and when the reward isn't even that rewarding, even the completitonist in me doesn't really wanna bother. Although, it was the best city we had seen in the series since ezio days in terms of atmosphere and general fun! Maybe Havana was up there but under-utilised!
The story, well I really didn't care at all... When it came to killing the Templar bosses I just didn't care, they hadn't been in the story at all, I didn't much care for the love story between Elise and Arno because their "Templar vs. assassin" differences didn't even come into play, it was much more like Arno was some kind of freelance killer that the assassins used. Arno had the boyish charm that ezio did but I still didn't care much for him. I wanted to try so hard to get into the story but there was never anything that really tantilised or grabbed my attention!
The variety and customisation was great though, having a wide range of armour and weapons was good especially since it wasn't all cheap to buy! Making your assassins look and fight the way you want was a nice change, maybe a few more colour specific custom changes would be good ie small details on clothes rather than colour schemes.
The modern stuff was probably the most frustrating, I was one of the few that really enjoyed a modern Desmond, he was for the link that really glued the modern and historic stuff and he was a lot more likeable than floating tablets and now a complete nothing. Eventually someone is going to have to kill Juno and I will be majorly annoyed if I just have to crack a code or something lame, it would be nice to have some well thought out almost "watchdogs" like modern missions with the hacking from 4/rogue which was an enjoyable optional side thing to do. I do feel incredibly underwhelmed by the modern story at the moment I just hope that it's a transitional period and we get a new Desmond or whatever.
All in all I'd give the game 7/10. I don't feel moved to play it over or explore after completion to get 100%. The city and parkour was the saving grace for this game, where a lacklustre story and cast really let it down in my opinion. I didn't have too many problems with glitches althought when i did they were bad. I feel like ubisoft is trying to make their game feel dense by putting in tons of collectibles but they don't feel rewarding, my in game armour is already good enough and nothing they can give me feels like it is worth the trouble! The murder mysteries was probably one of my favourite things to do, they were short and sweet and rewarding in themselves! The modern story is the worst yet and so was the cast of heroes and villains.
Unrelated, I think London will be a great game and Victorian London is crazy cool but I pray that we go back in time after this, I wanna do the Roman Empire or Greek, personally don't care for japan, however egypt would be nice I guess... Just something more shrouded in mystery and without guns!
Anyway what do you guys think? Agree or disagree, sorry it's long but I have so much to say!

01-06-2015, 04:58 AM
Ohhh you finished the game in 3 days and did the worst side missions played absolutely 0 CO-OP and you think your review is valid??? This game is easily a 9.0 after they patched it. OH Desmond id dead.