View Full Version : How will you, Ubisoft, restore our faith in Assassin's Creed with so many bugs?

01-05-2015, 08:32 PM
That's the question I want to put forward to Ubisoft: How will you restore our faith in Assassin's Creed with so many bugs?

I purchased the game full prize but only after patch 1.4 went live. Regardless, there still are so many bugs in the game that right now I decided to just store the game another bunch of patches.

I have faith that the story will be awesome (though I miss the current day intermezzos where you leave the animus in AC Unity) and that the graphics will be equally stunning, but at this point I can't confince myself that I believe the next assassin's creed will not have such gamebreaking bugs.

Run me through this please. I'd hope you have an alpha, beta and perhaps gamma stage of testing. How did all these problems not get noticed? I always had the impression in the past that you loved your own franchise. How can you if you love your franchise and are a self-respecting game designer release a game like Assassin's Creed Unity and call it a finished game? Did you raise alarm bells at the head quarters when a release date was pushed?

As for the compensation. We all get Dead Kings for free. Well, DLC is an abomination in the gaming industry in the first place. Like 59.99 euros isn't enough for a game on its own in this time of recession. Why would I want to pay another 29.99 for a season's pass? Since I started buying games in the 90's prizes have gone up by about 250-300% (not counting DLC). I can tell you that my salary hasn't.

For me the turning point now was that I want to use a stealthy playstyle, but since sequence 8 I find myself incapable due to a large number of bugs. Mind you that I encountered many, many bugs before sequence 8 (and I've only done about 20% besides the main mission), but at this point the main quest line is so bugged that I have to restart so often that at some point I just go on a butcher streak and kill everything in a giant melee. So now when I had to restart sequence 10 several times due to bugs I just decided to store the game praying it will get fixed at some point.

01-05-2015, 09:05 PM
Management and shareholders forced them to release the game before Christmas so they could profit more so the game got released in an unfinished state, it's that simple. Yes on top of that they want you to pay 50 + DLCs + companion app stuff. Also notice how ACU is on Steam UK now at 45 because Valve wasn't let them sell it at 50. Sheer greed, glad I got with game free with my GTX 970, I wouldn't pay 50 for it not for any game.

01-05-2015, 10:03 PM
If they do more stuff on the first civilisation and bring back a third person character I will overlook any bugs. That is what matters most to me.