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01-04-2015, 07:45 PM
Hello everybody,

The 2nd Club Competition round has been concluded about 12h ago and there's a lot of happy winners out there!
(Unfortunately there's more clubs that lost though ^^)

I'm in a club that tried their best in the 1st round and won but we forfeited the 2nd round really fast.
Here's why;
Score 1d 19h before closing of the 2nd round:

Our club:
5 Members (where 3 play very casually)

#1 club in our Silver Division 2 Pool:
27 members, judging by their Objectives/Heists&Co-Ops they're all quite active

Wouldn't it make more sense to pit clubs against eachother that have roughly the same amount of members?
How could we have won this?

================================================== ============================================
Club Competition's Round Three
================================================== ============================================

Oh boy, I started this round with a lot of passion, the Sans-Culottes trousers.. a price I wouldn't mind grabbing !!
5 Days 12h is this round's duration and I can already say that no matter how little sleep I plan on taking, we won't win...
Here's why:

For this round my club has been divided in Silver Division II that have the following clubs and members:
[PALD] - 21 Members
[DILD] - 13 Members
[SQRL] - 5 Members
[JMON] - 4 Members
[GGSB] - 3 Members
[HBA] - 3 Members

Right now we're #1 with about 12k points (done solo real quick) but it's only 1h into the competition.

Once [PALD] wakes up and starts playing there's no beating them.
For every hour they make, our club has to play 4h respectively.. undoable.

I give up, either divide us into groups that are actually fair, make the rounds shorter and for the #2 to #6 make the items purchasable for a fee of 500k~ or just stop the Club Competition.

01-05-2015, 09:25 PM
Makes sense.. although, what's to stop ppl from enlarging their club once the competition has started?

01-05-2015, 09:34 PM
Not likely, twice now in a row we're pitted against 1 club that has 20+ members.
Also, when I wrote the added part of Round 3 the [PALD] group had 0 Creed Points.. So the theory of them beginning at 3 members and as soon as the Competition starts invite 20+ members would be accompanied by atleast 50 creed points (Controlled Descent) since you have to be online to accept the member request.

What's to stop them? Absolutely nothing.. once you're in the Competition you can enlarge it to 50.. which is ridiculous

01-05-2015, 10:23 PM
I think Ubi should really patch this, it seems like it's unnecessary. The 1st club competition we went against a team of 12 people and we had 50. Granted, they grinded like crazy and forced us to grind in the millions, and not all of us were active, but if its 50 vs 50 it's a good chance both teams have a similar number of inactive people, or at least it's much better than 50 vs 12

01-06-2015, 01:24 AM
I'm in a 50 person club and I still think the current system is very poorly designed. Like you guys are saying there is no way the smaller clubs can win, so if you lose this week and miss the item you have wanted since you got the game you are SOL because there is no telling when you will get another chance. I'm concerned that even with my 50 person club formed for the sole purpose of winning competitions, I might win 5 in a row only to come in second when the gear I want comes around.

Fingers crossed that someone out there is listening and improvements will be made.

01-06-2015, 08:27 AM
If you'd concider the amount of items still locked by Club Competition.. If you'd miss this week (Sans-Culottes Trousers).. they'll probably do a new item every week so... that'll be roughly 4months from now that you can have a second try for the item you desire..
The whole system is flawed, from the way they divide the clubs to the length of the rounds all the way to the prizes they hand out.