View Full Version : AC UNITY my club BrosInTheHood recruiting

01-03-2015, 09:00 PM
Hey guys my club is recruiting for club competitions as well as assassin fun

now I am very competitive when it comes to these things and we have won now 2 club competitions.

there arent any real colors or any real prerequisites to join but i thought that maybe our colors could be RED, BLACK, WHITE, BLUE and BROWN all colors fit for an assassin

All that I really ask as a clan leader is to participate with club competitions. learn from each other. an always ALWAYS have fun . I never wanted the clan to be some elitist garbage clan with things you are forced to do in order to rank up . but ido ask that you should have most of your skills and armor that would benefit all of us. if you need a few pieces ill be glad to help you get some.

now with that said we are a ps4 clan

we mostly do both missions and heists. more heists than missions though.

clan tag is TCLO (the Creed Lives On)

and this club has lasted 52 days I just want our clan to have more members to train and to have fun with and to win these competitions as we progress to higher divisions.

we have 11 out of 50 members

my psn is AggroTheMighty so contact me on psn if your interested :)

oh and do not be rude to other players who mess up on certain tasks. but we all do joke around but we arent over the top mean to others

and if we do lose a competition please do not get beat up about it we will get em next time:)