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12-30-2014, 10:22 PM
While I like the game play, the better graphics and feel of the game. What lacks is the story isn't that compelling compared to past games, the story 'feel' is wrong to me, maybe its the size of the map and all the side activities that draw away from the story or maybe its just the story itself is underwhelming. Hard to pin point exactly why I get an off feeling playing the story.

The real downfalls from my perspective has been the lack of a decent real world tie-in story line. The whole Helix thing just didn't work out, the rifts were interesting but not necessarily something that pushes the story along. Now for the biggest issue, the freaking Companion App. It started off decently enough then within the past few weeks "Unable to Synchronize". The whole idea of a companion app that uses to unlock in game artifacts/treasure is freaking lame. Not everyone has enough money to buy a decent enough tablet to run the thing in the first place and then to find out that it's still not working right after several weeks of it being Unable to Synchronize, it's absurd.

I'm one of the people that will state right now with 100% honesty that IF the next Assassin's Creed game has a companion app that is essentially "required" to get 100% completion for unlocking artifacts/treasures then you've lost me as a customer. I didn't mind the "Pirates" companion app for Black Flag as it wasn't needed, you need to go back to that style for companion app stuff or completely skip companion apps in the future. Also bring back the real world tie in's, the whole Helix server thing sucks bad. It is the companion app that is truly the most annoying part for me, i was almost finished with it when it started messing with the Unable to Synchronize crap message. I was aiming for 100% completion till the freaking app started malfunctioning.

I am pretty positive I'm not the only one that's commented on these issues and I'm hoping that you(Ubisoft) are truly paying attention. I'm not going to pre-order the next game, I'm going to wait till I see reviews, videos and screen shots before I purchase another AC game. Rogue was great, but Unity was a kick to the groin.

12-30-2014, 10:53 PM
While many share this opinion, I'm not sure the higher ups at Ubisoft will attempt a change until people stop buying their games. Not gonna lie, I plan to buy Victory day 1, only 1 customer leaving won't make much of a difference and they won't change anything