View Full Version : Assassins Creed 2 - Corrupted Save Games after Uplay 4.9.4 update

12-30-2014, 07:24 PM

I've been struggling with the problem that my AC 2 stopped working after Uplay patch 4.9.4 that hit on 4th December.

After the 4th of December I was unable to launch the game on any OS and PC I have in my house, despite the fact that I was playing this game for more than 3 months (bought it end of August - Heritage Collection). After pressing Play I got a white screen, followed by a crash to desktop and the message: Thank you for playing 0 seconds. Best 0 seconds in the game of my life... ;)

First what I did was re-installing Uplay and the game - no dice.

Installed the game on Win 7 on another partition - no dice.

Installed the game on my newer game rig with Win 8.1 - no dice.

Spent 2 weeks with support tickets and the conclusion form Ubisoft - Dear costumer you system specifications are not supported by the game! - My first thought: So why the heck was I able to play the game for the last 3 months without any problem :confused: Miracle :confused:
Support of course closed the ticket, because why bother if he does not meet the game requirments :cool:

After 3 weeks of re-installing the game, launcher and only God knows whatever I made a last attempt - deleted the save games and disable synchronization.

Tadam - Game runs flawless in 1920 x 1080 with maxed out settings.

But - a very big BUT - I have to disable everytime the synchronization option if i want to play the game, because Uplay is downloading a corrupted version of my save games from the cloud that have 0 bytes - Thank you Ubisoft :o

Is it possible to get my files deleted from the Cloud, so I am again able to play the game and sync my save games in case the next Uplay update prevents me from doing anything else on my new PC and i will not have to replay all games :confused:


Your frustrated - but still yet your customer