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12-30-2014, 05:45 PM
http://i.imgur.com/CPbsiau.jpgMAPNAME / DOWNLOAD

SkyFall-EP02 (1.0)
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There are no videos for this level at the moment, however here's what you can expect from this level..





Challenging Difficulty Curve (You will die, maybe a lot)

These are the strong focuses for Skyfall, a map series that I've been working on. Once you get into playing the level, you will be spawned mid-air shortly before your wingsuit activates. From there, the choice is yours to land wherever you want within the map's boundaries. This thread is provided with a map containing all the POI (point of interests) inside the level if you are interested.

Stashes: Regular stashes will contain 1 syringe and a small ammo. Difficult stashes will be found on top of utility poles and may be quite difficult to land on the first few tries but contains a very powerful weapon each (Vector / Barrett / ACE). These locations are also exposed and NPCs purposely are spawning facing that direction so be wary of the consequences when choosing to land on difficult stashes! You also have a bow and crossbow stash to give you more pre-detected combat options.

Diversity: An helicopter with grenade launcher can be used for a quick bombarding run however beware of rocketers and sniper. Also a wild Rhino is found past the boundaries and can be dragged into the enemy base after teleporting back to the boundary limits. There's a risk to take when attempting to drag the rhino so be careful.


You may die a lot, please don't give up! This is normal, and the point of this exercise.
You spawn with the stealth pistol loadout containing all throwables + 2 C4 and proxy mines.
You only have 3 health bars, use cover to your advantage and attempt to keep a syringe reserve with you.
There are no additional throwable or explosive ammo pickups in the level.
An eagle will be immediately tamed by the hunter as it spawns, be attentive for eagle strikes!
Any animals spawned from the bait will be tamed by the hunter. Kill him before using baits.
The minimap is hidden in this scenario, but you can still turn it on from the menu if this drives you nuts.
There are 3 waves, 14 enemies inside the first wave, and 8 inside the others.
The last wave contains 2 guard snipers, dropping a powerful one-shot kill bolt-action sniper.
The level can be played in stealth.
There's no time limit, you can play however you like.


12-30-2014, 05:52 PM
This should be my last level. Unfortunately my previous project was downvoted to oblivion and barely played.


As a result all the effort put into making these levels happen is nearly futile.

12-30-2014, 09:11 PM
Dude, your maps look awesome! I wish I could play them, but I am on PS4. Don't quit! Map for yourself, not for the mindless hoards. I know it is hard and that it sucks not to get many plays and a low rating, but we are all in the same boat. My best map Millworks has a three star rating, but I am proud of it and enjoyed making it for those who enjoy it.

Also, I hate how maps are actually rated - If my calculations are correct, you start with a 2.5 star rating, a like means a 5 star rating, without comment means a 2.5 star rating, and a dislike means a 0 star rating. Making it almost impossible to average above 4 stars. For instance, my map was played 170 times, 17 favorites, 85 likes, and 19 dislikes and gets a 3 star rating. That seems low. It seems that only mindless Godmode maps and Goat Hunt Maps get high ratings. Really disappointing. But as a statistics nerd, I have reset my expectations. My goal is to get favorited 10% of the total plays, liked for 50% of the total plays, and disliked for <10% of the total plays.

12-31-2014, 12:59 AM
Thanks for the morale boosts, but yeah the times played stats don't lie - 14 people playing your level for countless hours of work is extremely unforgiving. I've been releasing content for years ever since the Unreal Tournament / Quake 3 scene and never was the download count this crap for any games I've released content for, and we're nearly in 2015.

This map publishing system sucks as you've just pointed out in details here, and it seems as if little to no people have interest in playing the custom content players are doing for this game, especially on PC.

Another problem is that most of the user base looking for levels will expect variation from the actual game, if you toss something too hard or too simillar to the actual game, they will most likely dislike the content as well.

Unfortunately I seriously don't see the point in keeping this up (for this game).
Let's be realistic.