View Full Version : ...Really Ubisoft? Really? (ACU Discussion/Review)

12-30-2014, 11:26 AM
Months prior to today, when I first heard of Assassin's Creed Unity, I was a mixed bag of emotions. While Assassin's Creed was still among my favorite game franchises, I really hadn't enjoyed playing one after Assassin's Creed 3. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag was actually pretty decent. It introduced a lot of features (ship gameplay, dual-wielding swords, underwater exploration) that were refreshing. While I thought the story was a little lacking, I thought it was a solid game all-around. Then I hear of ACU. "Wow!" I thought. "Finally, an AC game set during the French Revolution! Surely, the overarching story will be excellent, just like back in the good ol' ACII days!"

Boy, was I wrong.

But before I descend into my major criticism of the game, let's start off with what I liked.

First of all, a round of applause to the art team. The moment you first stepped foot in Paris, you could tell the art team put their heart and soul into the game. The lighting, textures, and shadows were all very well done. You really felt as if the city as a whole was standing at the brink of revolution. From the scattered leaflets and flags lying haphazardly on the ground, to the quiet murmuring of the crowd; the atmosphere was vibrant. Overall, the graphics were, non-surprisingly, the best in the series. I have no complaints whatsoever.

The whole social clubs and scale of the city were quite impressive. Synchronizing on viewpoints around Paris was essential, the primary reason being it would take you literally a half an hour to traverse from one end of the city to the other without any fast traveling poijnts.

I liked (at first), Arno. I really thought that it was kind of a throwback to the Ezio days: a charming, charismatic protagonist that people could actually feel connected to. As the game wore on however, my feelings toward his character in general waned (more on that later.)

Now on to the many issues/complaints with the game.

To describe the game as "unpolished" is complimenting it. Assassin's Creed: Unity is simply unfinished. Falling through the floor, clipping against every AI, textures and AI popping in and out of view even right in front of Arno, lag spikes and frame drops; these were just a sampling of the issues that plague the game. The amount of general performance in this game is astounding. Hell, one of the most common bugs was not even being able to enter the game after pushing A at the start screen! ...Really, Ubisoft? Really?

Frankly, the people who were responsible for testing this game deserve to be fired. It blows my mind how this many issues made it through to the final product. Blame Sony all you want for forcing Ubisoft to stay on schedule; there is no excuse for the product that was put out, especially since each AC game is now created by different studios. If they really work on each individual game for years (which I highly doubt), the entire studio needs to get shut down.

I shouldn't even be critiquing the story because, well, what story? The Assassin's Creed franchise is unique among many others because of its detailed storytelling. Remember when you first played Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft absolutely blew your mind when you activated Eagle Vision and found Templar/First Civilization symbols throughout historical events? Any story relating to the modern-world, Abstergo, Juno, etc. was nonexistent. ...Really, Ubisoft? Really? Note to self, Ubisoft: A lengthy cut scene at the beginning of the game detailing the "Phoenix Project" and then absolutely nothing afterwards does not qualify as "story.'

The story concerning Arno was absolutely pathetic. I cannot believe that Ubisoft wasted away literally one of the most perfect historical time period on this excuse of a "story." The plot was so convoluted and downright boring that I wanted to finish the game just to get it done with, not because I was so enraptured that I couldn't put the game down.

The characters were just downright terrible. Arno had potential at first, but then quickly fizzled out into yet another cliche-filled monstrosity. Germain was the worst one of all. Absolutely no emotion and character arc; probably the worst antagonist, if not worst character in the history of the franchise.

Forced Multiplayer/Initiate/Companion App

Ubisoft, if you haven't figured out by now that absolutely NO ONE likes to be basically forced to play with others/switch to an app to play a game, then stop making games. I swear more than a third of the content within ACU is locked unless you interact with the Companion App or Initiate program, which again, NO ONE wants to do. By the way, it's been a month since the game was released and the Initiate program STILL DOESN'T WORK. Stop forcing players to use apps. It's not going to happen. And microtransctions? ...Really, Ubisoft? Really? What is this, League of Legends all of a sudden?

What do you guys think? Good or bad game?