View Full Version : Smuggler's Paradise- worst level ever!!!

Atlanta Chrome
12-30-2014, 12:11 AM
I have just finished playing Assassin's Creed Unity "Smugglers Paradise" co-op, I have played it three times in co-op mode & twice by myself. Each time I play it, it reaffirms how poor a level it is. Put simply it is to hard. The primary objective I think in any game is to have fun. A word the level designers for this game do not understand. A game should not anger or frustrate the player & should definitely not alienate the patron so they would not but a DLC pack worse still, would consider not buying their next game. How on earth did it go so wrong. This game should have been a pinnacle achievement for the developers. Instead I'm afraid it will go down a failure. Which is harsh I know. All you had to do was test it more toughly, leave out all the trash like companion apps, uplay & in game transactions. That would have saved a year in development,time enough to have gotten the rest of the game right.
What do you think?

12-30-2014, 01:31 AM
Uh, that is one of the 5-star difficulty ones, isn't it? Yeah, it's extremely hard to do it unnoticed, but that's the point.

12-30-2014, 02:33 AM
I hate that one. I think the Luxembourg heist mission is one of the easiest missions

12-30-2014, 04:47 AM
It is not hard but you should only go with 1 other co-op buddy. You should communicate and strategize with your buddy use your eagle vision and for God's sake bring your Phantom Blade. Survey the area first and find out were you and your buddy should start your approach. Aim manually with your Blades the snipers go down no problem if you quick shot other enemies need a precise head shot. Also work Dynamically with your buddy, it is ok to split up but stay in constant communication and stay on high ground. Me and my buddy do not even open chest until the whole level has been clear.

12-30-2014, 04:50 AM
The primary objective in Heist missions is to work together the fun comes from the fulfillment of working together.

12-30-2014, 04:51 AM
I hate that one. I think the Luxembourg heist mission is one of the easiest missions

I like "It Belongs in a Meuseum".