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12-28-2014, 02:36 PM
You throw a smoke bomb and your friends run away you realize that in a few seconds the smoke dissipate and enemies will start to chase your friends
You are aiming the gun squinting look very carefully and pull the trigger
This style eagle in ACU

The EAGLE this form of combat not only offensive and defensive combat support form

What does that mean?
The intention is to Eagle should actually help his friends escape or fight without being next to them is just helping them

What is recommended eagle?
Rifle (recommended because it plays a sniper)
Pouch with lots of bullets (belt with lots AMMO)
And that will fanny pack with lots of bullets also plenty of room for various BOMBS

So how plays eagle?
You get high buildings sniper kills then settles in a place where you can watch your friends easily and can be downloaded easily Goals
You usually use various bombs and rifle
Come into conflict with your friends and you're not supposed to throw smoke and tell them to get away with a lot of enemies and have no chance to escape Drop poison or some enemies Ttzlof
Then disappear after your friends are sure

Hope I helped figure out how to play EAGLE

* This type of warfare is not official! I made it myself and it can have parallel versions! * i used translate sorry :)