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Atlanta Chrome
12-27-2014, 05:34 PM
Hi all,
I have just finished playing Assassin creed Unity on-line level "Political Persecution" my what a farce. I have a great broad band connection over 100 MB from Virgin & that is working fine. The sever lag was horrendous with host migration problems & screen hang. Character guards not responding to my presence in a fight & slow dull FPS problems again. But the biggest problem for me is the pace of the story. It was to disjointed, the distance to travel was way to long for an on-line game. Please keep it right in the middle so the other players don't get lost & the continuity of pace is not lost. Also the timer is not needed. A count down just ruins the skill & assassinating part of the game - which is the point after all. All that happens is the timer turns the game play into a brawl. I like to sneak,wait then strike.
What do you think.