View Full Version : Corrupted Gamesave ACIII (PC) - need workaround to install Gamesave from other user

12-27-2014, 11:50 AM
Dearest community! I need help with the following issue:
I experienced a crash at the beginning of Sequence 7 in "Assassinīs Creed III" damaging my Gamesave-File resulting in the Connor-character being stuck on the spot. Replays work but I canīt continue. Official Support confirms the damage, regrets what happened but can neither repair nor send me a working Gamesave-File to replace mine. They suggested I ask in the forum for help.

So I basically need two things: A Gamesave for ACIII that puts me somewhere nearby sequence 7 AND - more importantly - a hint how I can make this work for my account: As it appears, Gamesaves (at least on PC) are linked to the User-Account. If I use a Gamesave from the Internet or from a friend it appears corrupted in my game. (Support also came up with that explanation and also suggested the forum for a workaround on that. They are obviously not allowed to give any offical information on that issue but seem quite relaxed if you guys provide any.) So please help! I simply donīt want to invest hours in levels I already played (ACIII isnīt exactly the most thrilling part of the series, to be frank and honest, but Iīd still like to finish it)
Any ideas? Anyone who already made this work?