View Full Version : This problem is very important that I think everyone should check it

12-27-2014, 06:07 AM
Last week after update the1.4 patch for my ACU(uplay not steam),I can't enter the game.
I mean when I start my game from uplay,it only show me"Synchronizing your Save Games with the Cloud"then"Synchronizing your Achievements with the Cloud",then nothing had happen,the game didn't start.
I try validate my files it show me no problem.I try update my nvidia geforce experience or reset my game (also uplay),whatever anyways I can't enter my game.
Yesterday one of my friend also use pc,all his uplay game can't strat (including farcry4 acu watchdog)had the same problem with me.
I'm afraid there are some bug with uplay.I try change my acu.exe names but it doesn't work.
I want to know is there are anybody had same problems like me?Or any people can fix the problem.
PS:I send my problem to uplay support but it still didn't repeat me.