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12-27-2014, 12:31 AM
Bought and installed Farcry 4 and Black Flag. Played for a couple days and experienced several problems including but not limited to games not saving. Decided I needed a new hard-drive anyway did a clean re-install on uplay, and said games. Now nothing works. I can log in, download games but cant launch anything. Thinking it maybe me I tried several on Steam and all of those work fine. Downloaded a couple on Origin and those work fine too. Even downloaded my MMO and sure enough that works great as well. Looks like Uplay is killing my new games. Any suggestions? I read around the internet on a fix but to be honest there are so many problems associated with Uplay it seems it would take me a lifetime to try all those fixes. Anyway a suggestion would be great.

12-27-2014, 12:33 AM
Same issue as above... what does it do when you click play on a game and also did you buy these games via steam?

12-27-2014, 12:36 AM
Same issue as above... what does it do when you click play on a game and also did you buy these games via steam?

Yes bought both on steam two days ago. Goes in for a moment and crashes back to Uplay. Both Games. Other times it simply wont do anything. I get into Uplay just fine.

12-27-2014, 12:46 AM
Yup same here (got it off of steam)but for me Farcry launches and shows the black background with farcry 4 but as soon as you see it it is gone and your are left with uplay syncing. tried to reinstall and nothing. Can you do me a favor and try out the uplay question system thats located here.(https://support.ubi.com/en-US/myquestionhistory). Also so I wont hijack your thread check out my thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/983180-Fake-Technical-Support-!-!) The reason is because the technical support are not recording my questions when I submit them so i want to see if that's affecting anyone else. Personally I think its the DRM systems conflicting, which is sad because it harms the people who bought the game more than the pirates which is the opposite of what it is ment to do.

12-27-2014, 12:58 AM
Oh kay got it working... Somehow... Try these steps.
1. Uninstalled the game
2. Shut down computer in rage
3. left the house for an hour
4. returned and reinstalled the game
5. had the typical farcry 4 not working out of the box issues (you may not get this)
6. Fixed that by uninstalled uplay and reinstalling
7. Restarted PC
8. ???
9. Profit
10. Still missing my season pass DAMN IT.

12-27-2014, 01:05 AM
Ya, I have already done the re-install of the new install thing, no luck.

12-27-2014, 01:09 AM
Yeah now I have a new crash on my hands. oh well best of luck to you finding a fix ill leave a reply if i find something for you.

12-27-2014, 07:12 PM
So, I spent most of yesterday and all of today doing fix after re-install after fix after re-install. I need some assistance. I did the tech support thing but most unfortunate there no where to be found. any suggestions?

12-28-2014, 05:16 PM
Same issue as above... what does it do when you click play on a game and also did you buy these games via steam?

Changed hard drives & upgraded computer. Cannot install from Discs as I am referred to Uplay' . Downloads take ages (All the Assassins Creeds save the last Unity which I will not purchase until this is sorted.)
I get
Windows error 'Uplay has stopped working' and error
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX
Application Name: Uplay.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 547f13d0
Fault Module Name: Uplay.exe
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 547f13d0
Exception Offset: 011f3433
Exception Code: c0000417
Exception Data: 00000000
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 6486
Additional Information 2: 6486f736a53d1282772334475615d2cb
Additional Information 3: 4950
Additional Information 4: 4950dcb344b462d2429a7eab11a06d59

Getting the same on Gamersgate Divinity.------ Steam and Origin are working fine.
Not getting much help from 'Uplay' customer services.

12-29-2014, 06:11 PM
Hello everyone,

If you haven't yet, please submit a question to the Ubisoft support team for assistance. You can contact Ubisoft support through our ticket system's webform found by clicking on "My questions" on this page (https://support.ubi.com) and then clicking "Ask a Question".

If you have any issues using the webform, you can contact support for assistance through their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftSupport), Twitter account (https://twitter.com/UbisoftSupport) or by phone (https://support.ubi.com/en-us/FAQ.aspx?platformid=60&brandid=2030&productid=3888&faqid=kA030000000eiChCAI).