View Full Version : Performance on NVIDIA Beta drivers after OC

12-26-2014, 09:24 PM
I had like 2 weeks break from Unity since the game was running very badly for me even if I met reccomended spec but I finally decided to give It a try.
What I did was doing clean install of newest Beta NVIDIA drivers and optimizing game in GF Experience, after that I overclocked my card (Which is already factory overclocked) only by a small volume
+6 Mhz GPU and +6 on Memory

So before that I was having stuttering and FPS around 25-35
Now I am having 39FPS in most demanding situations and most of the time It runs at 45-60. Stuttering is gone though 1-2 sec freezes still occurs from time to time
I do not know what helped but It does make very big difference, I can finally play comfortably, even with this broken optimalization.
I play Dragon Age Inquisition on Ultra as well and It seems to perform much better as well, nearly constant 60FPS after what Ive done though game was running much better overall.
I try to overclock my card further to see if Its going to have a big impact.

Before you ask my spec here it is:
I5 2500K @4.02 GHz
8GB Ram
GTX 780
630w PSU
Windows 7