View Full Version : Questions about how to check other clans stats?

12-24-2014, 08:40 AM
Hey so my club is in 1st place for this club competition and I would prefer to win :/ But heres the thing Im at 46k the guy in second is at 11k and I wanna look at his clan to check members, stats things like that to see how big of a threat he is so I can decide if I go to play other games or if i need to grind this or I'll lose so ya is there a way to do that?

12-24-2014, 02:09 PM
I inquired about this myself and was told that while the developers can see our club stats there is no way for us to see any more than we currently do. I contemplated opening up a Club Competition Stats topic to see if others would post what they are at so that the community could at least get some comparables, but due to our own score was afraid that it would look like bragging so I did not do it. I am really surprised that there is no type of a leader board available, especially since they have the information and as the competitions begin to move up the brackets that would be some very valuable data to be able to look at.

Some clubs are posting their stats on the Live Update page (Club Competitions topic), but it is really sporadic.

You can search for a club (the Square button and enter their name) and at least see number of members and current mission completed, but that is about it.

FYI - we are over 2.15 mil creed points