View Full Version : Assassin's Creed Unity after Patch 1.04 impressions

12-24-2014, 12:24 AM
Let me start by saying I love ACU, despite it's problems and I really hate ubisoft for putting out this game with so many bugs because the game is actually really fun, and to me is the most varied assassin's creed made so far. Yes the framerate issue is a pain (more on that later) and I did not like the fact that certain things were just cut from the gameplay like using human shields and been able to select your hidden blade for combat (although it can be justified by the fact that Arno is not at the level of Ezio or Edward).

But it has many things and a lot of immersion like AC2 had, the setting is also historical, the way we are used to in AC games. You don't think is immersive? Try audio in French without any sort of HUD, that's real immersion (I also played AC2 in italian).

After patch 1.04 honestly I feel nothing has changed, I've had none of the issues I've seen on this forum that this patch brought but for me 6GB+ were for nothing, no changes at all. The way I'm playing "almost" stutter and lag free is with this: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/978574-PERMANENT-FIX-Stutter-Issue-Fix-For-NVIDEA-Users!

I currently run the game at a stable 60fps after the recommendation on that post, so if you are on pc I suggest you go for it, it really helps.

As for the story not been good I disagree and story is a very subjective matter. To me the story at mid/end was very engaging, and when you see the reason why this game is called Unity all the more enjoyment, but please Ubisoft GET RID OF THE ANIMUS!!!!!

I hate the animus thing every time pulling me out of my immersion, in AC1 through AC3 at least it made sense, now it's just there for the sake of what?? there's not sense to it, get rid of the thing already!!! I hope that AC on Victorian London has no animus BS.

any way let me know your opinions and if you are on pc and struggling with frame rate I might be able to help :)