View Full Version : Patch 4 - I canīt play anymore

12-23-2014, 09:15 PM
First Iīve to say "Thank you Ubisoft - Thank you for an real great game, that is almost unplayable - Wow, I bought the game for round about 110€ (Season Pass...) an there only probs... Thank you".

So, now after the marvelous new Patch 4 I have the following trouble:

- running with my SLI by 2 x GTX 980 I have a terrible texture flicker - wow, now Iīm not able to enjoy the ultra graphics settings anymore because of playing without activating Nvidia SLI

- and the best thing is for now, that since Patch 4 the game crashes all the time; right now I canīt start it anymore, it crashes at the starting screen

Well Ubisoft, Paris is great and amazing, but to sell such a package of trash and problems like this time with ACU Unity, I think it will be my last Ubisoft game for a long time...