View Full Version : ACU.exe stopped working in launched, Patch 1.4 steam

12-23-2014, 05:58 PM
Hello guys, I downloaded the steam of the game, but when I play does not open the way to even a game, the screen appears with the characters and the error "acu.exe stopped working," I've tried everything I saw here as possible solution, since I disabled my msiafterburner, already reinstalled Uplay, already put in the off mode, already reinstalled direct x and visual c ++ 2010 already checked the integrity of the files and has neither a corrupted file, already ran as admin, both Uplay as steam, already deleted the folder assasssin's creed in the document, have already installed the last drive of the amd 14:12. I am running out of option and tb unresolved to my problem. Does anyone have something to tell me? I thank you I am looking forward to play, but with this problem does not like. Thank you friends.. My patch is 1.4 steam.:(