View Full Version : Unity: Not Bad But Disappointing - A Rant on Locked Content

12-23-2014, 05:25 PM
I took up the AC franchise this year and beat them all (including the DS and PSP games), so they are all fairly fresh in my mind. With that, i can honestly say that Unity is far from being the worst game (Altair Chronicles), it's actually quite fun to play and has a decent story, but it is the most disappointing. This mostly stems from the plethora of hoops one must jump through to in order to experience the entire game. My real beef is with the locked content. I don't mind DLC or even the UPlay exclusives, as they are staples in the AC series, but Initiates and the useless companion app are too much. Game content should be unlocked according to what you do inside the game, not what you do outside of it. Thats like locking away kids toys until they find and scan a barcode on a poster for their toys in the next town. Its ridiculous and shameful. I don't think it should be just given to the player, but don't punish them for not participating in ever tedious side venture you want to throw into the mix. Now, the club competitions, which is by far the worst offender in this game. Initiates an the app only locked aesthetic costumes and fair weapons, but the club locks legendary gear which is essential to the RPG nature of the game. This is just wrong. You are ostracizing those who don't want to or can't participate from getting the best gear. Again, I don't think it should be given away, but make it possible through the single player mode. Make is difficult to get, say like completing a 4 player Co-Op solo, or another worthy challenge, but don't limit it to another gaming gimmick. I have worked diligently to get 100% on every other game, so I'm use to doing tedious tasks for unlockables, but enough is enough. I can't bring myself to participate in so many pointless gimmicks, just to get the goods, or the 100%, which saddens me. Please don't continue to repeat this trend Ubisoft. You have done very well up until now. Just let us enjoy your games for what they are as a whole, and not all the outside STUFF you want to add to them.

A loyal fan.

12-25-2014, 12:02 AM
I agree on the club competition items. Those should at very least be hackable or available for a large sum. At the very, very, least be accessible through an actual payment, say, 99c per item.

12-25-2014, 12:08 AM
I hate club competition and companion app so much... I like the idea of club competition and companion app, but locking items behind them that some people can't ever access just really sucks