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12-23-2014, 08:18 AM
this is an update on the free game situation I had.After 5 phone calls to the ubisoft call centre and many many emails containing xbox screen shots and a print screen of my live accounta very helpful manager took my number and insisted that he should call me back to save any more expense.To my surprise he phoned me straight away to resolve this problem with the dowmload of the free game . H e asked for any evidence to prove purchase and activation I only had the purchase proof as the season pass had disappeared from my console I proceeded to take his advice and took several pics of my xbox screen showing that I had all other dlc(fleur de lys sword.etc) from the gold edition. 30 minutes later he called me again with the news he had took the case to his manager who agreed that the price paid and the dlc present on my xbox proved I was eligible for the free game and he had already emailed it to me . The game dowmloaded really fast and works perfect. WELL DONE UBISOFT .THIS HAS FRESTORED MY BELEIF IN UBISOFT. I have been asked not to name the manager but you know who you are and thank you for all your help you went out of your way bro wish there was more guys like him to help .