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12-21-2014, 11:44 PM
This forumoff late has been overflowing with rants to my liking...
I thought it would be useful If I can post information... People looking for solutions can use them

My system configuration is in my signature

I am recommending the following for Intel 4th generation i5 and i7 and GTX970/GTX 980 series

Do not overclock your CPU.. too much.. Find the limit to which you can overclock (Too much overclock causes crashes) I am very sure of this
Same goes with GPU and Memory.. Overclock ONLY to maximum stability
Install latest NVIDIA beta driver 347.09 with Patch 4
Do not launch game when it is downloading (Eventhough it says it is playable)
Once downloaded do a verify files
Then Run the game

My in game settings

All ultra , except AA=FXAA shadows high at 1080P, 60hz I get consistent 60 FPS and worst of 45 + FPS at crowded places..

I request fellow assassins with other configs (AMD, other Graphic cards) with stable experiences to post their methods and settings
Note : SLI issues I have no solution because I dont use SLI

If you have problems you can post in this thread , people with stable configs will help you here

But the Following Rules apply

Do not post with negativity , dont yell / curse with words.. State your issue precisely
Post detailed stats like CPU/GPU usage , temps.. Post memory usage too.. and Post screenshots and videos of your gameplay, so that we can see the problem

[I am here to help.. I have a stable game now.. And now I am here to help other gamers achieve this too.. Lets have useful discussions..