View Full Version : Sequence 4, Memory 1: Make it Rain (Temporary SLI flickering fix)

12-21-2014, 10:52 AM
I posted this in a couple of the SLI flickering threads, but thought it might deserve it's own for those people who may not dig into the other ones ...

So, as most SLI users on this forum may know, patch 4 introduced flickering ground textures--mostly pertaining to water/puddles/glass ... well, if you're tired of Paris' strobing waterways and have gotten as far as Sequence 4, Memory 1--do yourself a favour and load up that memory to make it rain (or any other memory that has weather set to rain), then exit memory to get back to your new old flicker-limited experience. Or simply wait for the game to rain by itself in the open world.

Apparently whatever SLI bits were broken by patch 4 are fixed temporarily by the change in weather. The fix only lasts through your current play session, and you'll have to do it again upon rebooting the game. It isn't an optimal fix, but the permanent fix will probably have to come from Ubi.