View Full Version : Patch 4, still poor performance.

12-21-2014, 04:56 AM
After waiting on every patch that has come out this far, I would have expected a working fix to roll out a few weeks after launch.
I benchmarked the game before the 4th patch and after, my results are as follows.

Both patches leave me at 30fps on the main menu.

Patch 3 - 32FPS-45FPS [Med Preset]
Patch 4 - 22FPS-36FPS [Low Preset]
Standing in the same location, slowly rotating the camera 3 times, then taking the lowest and highest of the FPS.

What did you do, ubisoft...

I7-3770k - 4Ghz
8GB -1600MHz - Corsair Vengeance
HD 6970 OC
SSD- 120GB
HDD- 500

Before anyone says, "Ohh, you need a betr GPU," a 660 is as powerful as a 6970.
My friend has a 660 and gets 50FPS+, while I'm sitting at ~30.

Does ubi just has AMD or what? Idk.

Also have latest drivers and all of that jazz.

12-21-2014, 07:53 AM
Different systems run the game in different ways .. its unpredictable ..