View Full Version : Stuttering got WORSE after applying patch 4

12-20-2014, 01:35 PM
I'm really, really sick of this joke of a game.
I installed patch 4 and the game stutters even WORSE than before. It's awful.
I'm running the game on a 3970x CPU and a 780Ti Classified GPU, 1920x1200, FXAA, V-Sync on, everything but shadows on max settings.
The game runs at about 60 FPS but with very noticeable stuttering. Before patch 4 it used to stutter as well but the stuttering is much more noticeable now.
It's ridiculous the game runs this way when a much heavier graphic engine like that of Crysis 3, which runs at about 38-45 FPS, is perfectly fluid and has no sign of hiccups.
This may pretty much be the last Ubisoft game i'll ever buy.