View Full Version : Time Freezes in game

12-20-2014, 06:12 AM
During one of the first sequences, when you are chasing the guys brother to get your watch back, after vaulting and sliding a few times, and just about to go through a doorway, the time freezes in game, all models stop moving, but I can still move the camera and view map and pause game, but it never unsticks. I've tried reloading from checkpoint and also restarting the game, but at the exact area, its like I hit a wall and time freezes. I've also tried lowering the graphics although it was running fine on the current settings until that point

My specs are
HD 7970 GHZ Edition
8GB Ram

here is a link to the video in my dropbox


Problem was solved by verifying the game cache and there were 144mb of corrupted files