View Full Version : Enough already enough!

12-20-2014, 03:49 AM
let me start off with saying thank you to Ubisoft for trying oh so hard to make people happy. i mean, you went above and beyond what any other respectable company would do. you released 4 patches to attempt to fix your teams HUGE MISTAKE of a game, which should never have left your hands without being better off then it was. then, you decided you would also give those who owned a season pass, a free game of their choosing, and to those who didn't have a season pass, the only option was to give part of the dlc to the consumers for free. AMAZING! I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS WONDER....oh wait, i can't. patch number 4, on my incredibly expensive custom built pc, still does not run optimal. still below 30 fps, looks worse graphics wise then it did when first released, AND STILL STUTTERS! granted, it runs a tinnny bit better, but not as impressive as i thought it would be, given the release notes your team posted about what would change. i got it on all 3 systems(pc, ps4, xbox one), two of which are digital(ps4, xbox one). i would like to have my money returned to me. this was even more disappointing then watchdogs that released with bugs galore, graphics were downgraded because "we felt the current systems couldn't handle the processing power". HELLO?! have you seen some of the games on ps4 and xbox one that look fantastic? yeah, sure they aren't as great as on PC, but give me a break. please forgive me for not having the calm minded response to this outrage of a game. don't get me wrong, i loved the previous AC games. black flag, had its issues performance wise and bugs, but i could deal with it. you eventually fixed it and now its a fun game. i wanted to enjoy this, i actually was excited for it. sadly, im not that excited anymore. thank you for being such loyal developers and continuing to make games that fail to live up to expectations. you have lost a once loyal customer thats for sure. if you can find a way to win me back then great. if not, peace!