View Full Version : patch 4 pc downloading 42 gig

12-19-2014, 02:05 PM
I am trying to download and install the ac unity patch 1.4 but its trying to download 42 gig of data wtf.

Just to make sure, am I the only person where uplay wants to download the full game again at 42gig and not just the patch and 5.2 gig?

I have tried to validate my files and then download the patch but still it wants to download the full game haha this is beyond a joke.
Found work around for those with same issue

1. dl patch from torrent site.

2. install patch.

3. open uplay as admin.

4. verify ac unity.

5. repair when the verification is finished this should initiate the normal patch download at 5 gig.

6. install patch

7. play game

I know in the end you'll have to download 10+ gig in the end but hell its better than 42.

Hope this helps anyone and happy gaming.