View Full Version : [PC SaveGame] Calling All Assassins!

12-19-2014, 03:05 AM
Yeah, you heard me.

Tired of the damn Initiates App? Tired of the Companion App? Tired of the locked unlockable unlockables? Yeah you read that right "Unlockable" unlockables, literally. We rely on third party devices to gain something from a game you paid good money for? Money doesn't grow on trees, and neither does a game turn into a second game requirement. I am calling out any hackers, modders, freelance developers, and also save game artists that managed to somehow unlock, EVERYTHING that is unobtainable at this point:

- Blue Chests
- Artifacts locked by app
- Altair outfit
- All other outfits
- Secret missions

If you have a save game, share it, send it on mediafire, or any other good hosting site. Many people, and I, are not gonna waste another minute on those apps to unlock these contents, not if we cannot unlock them from playing AC unity alone. So, if you have any means to gain access to those things and unlock them. Let's beat ubi to the punch. I already found a guy who hacked all legendary armors that require club competition without playing that, and guess what? We don't even have that yet!

What gives ubi?