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12-18-2014, 04:44 PM
It's been just over a month since the ill-fated launch of HMS Unity, have things got better or worse?

My opinion is it certainly hasn't got better, yeah I don't have the cursed PS4 error message CE-34878-0 which forced me to play offline has gone (well I did have one instance of it while in the E-Store, hopefully a one off). But can Ubisoft take credit for that as they promised it was fixed in Patch 3 only for that to be complete rubbish, after promising to fix in Patch 4 I was subsequently emailed by support that it was a Playstation issue and to follow certain steps and contact them if unsuccessful. It took me over the course of 2 days to get my PS4 back to the way it was before reinitialising it and Patch 4 was released. So unclear which course of action fixed that game breaker I suspect the reinitialise PS4.

Since I have started playing Unity again I have had to raise more tickets for other issues with the game. Weapons unlocked but you can't purchase and faults with a pointless mobile phone app.

There are probably plenty more tickets I could raise but I haven't got the time and if they want me to do this then they can start paying me a game tester wage because that is pretty much what we have all been doing for the past month.

As I write this post it looks like Initiates is down yet again. After nearly getting to Level 15 it decided I didn't have a profile anymore then subsequently dropped me to Level 11 even though I may not have 100% every AC game I have completed the story but that is no longer showing. It is a pointless complexity to game to have chests that can only be opened at certain levels and it simply doesn't work half the time. Ubisoft just get rid of them and the Nomad stuff from the mobile app because if for whatever reason you can't access them it frustrates the player. The app was pointless with the CE-34878-0 error as I couldn't play Unity online and Initiates clearly doesn't work so I just have chests I should be able to unlock but can't/

If you are going to add this type of content then ask yourself a) can we deliver a working version b) does it actually add anything to the game. With a) there are clear issues with Companion and Initiates b) I don't think they add anything to the game.

As the patches go by I think the game has been downgraded and no really fixed. Ever patch I notice different bugs and in my mind it is just getting worse. I was having trouble moving Arno, he was stuck on something then a crowd appeared around him (bit of a schoolboy glitch). I don't feel I control Arno at times I feel he controls me. I don't feel the controls are intuative. Yeah sometimes it just me not quite doing it right (climbing down ladders on top roofs in to buildings and climbing through windows) but when trying to make a quick getaway the controls shouldn't me you have to slow down your actions because the setup can't handle it you are pushing in a direction and pressing L2.

Sadly at times it is like the agility of a Super Heavyweight rather than a slick assassin.

Lastly sometimes the game feels behind/ahead of me in the timeframe. When playing online it could be lag but offline it makes no sense.

I killed a guard and got the finisher bonus, and NPC then shot the corpse which got up and reacted like he had been shot and died (but he was already dead).

My opinion is that there is a LONG way to go in fixing this game and I'm not 100% convinenced it can be.

12-18-2014, 07:35 PM
At some point they'll quit trying. That's a business decision. It plays well now, for me (XO). Then again, I do next to nothing online. I don't mess around with Initiates, and I couldn't tinker with the companion app even if I wanted to. (I have no hardware that runs it.) I haven't noticed any degradation of visual quality. I'll leave those investigations to the folks who love to pick games apart, complete with side-by-side videos.

12-22-2014, 07:03 AM
After a few more days playing with the 4th patch, I can safely say that the game is more broken now than it was before. There are many hangups in the audio, the frame rate will occasionally drop into the teens, the screen will freeze for several seconds, I fell out of the world again (something I didn't see at all with Patch 3) and I had a hard crash tonight just going into the map screen while looking at an enigma clue--something that never happened to me before. After that, I put the game down and played Wolfenstein: TNE for two hours at a perfectly locked 60 fps without any issues. My system is fine. Unity is seriously broken (Xbox).