View Full Version : Server Bridge The Resistance won't play...Assassin's Creed: Unity: Xbox One

12-18-2014, 01:05 AM
I was playing on my XBOX ONE and had to leave. I turned off my xbox (in standby) and when I came back the console froze so i had to do a hard reset. Now the game wont let me get back into the the memory, i was on memory 7 the last part: the server bridge. When i left my game i had jumped into the portal, now the memory reads obstergo is on to you climb the eiffle tower. However I cannot play that mission. HELP PLEASE!!!

12-20-2014, 12:24 PM
Hi, I have the same issue, but on PC. I dont think this issue can be resolved and we a forced to start over from scratch.

Well done Ubisoft. Maybe next time you dont rush the game and actually get some quality testplayers instead of selling this mess.

02-10-2015, 08:44 AM
I have had the same issue! Honestly I was enjoying the campaign and the game, but now I can't progress. It's such a simple problem there must be a simple solution in the code for them to fix. Here's hoping patch 5 will nail it.

09-15-2015, 09:56 PM
Playing hours and hours of the game, got tried and turned it off during the mission "Server Bridge The Resistance" - Next day come on and load into the map wit no market pointing to the way of the mission.... Went and replayed the fight memory hoping to get into the main mission rolling again.... No go....

After looking at a few topics I notice no help or work around unless total game restart.... My question to Ubisoft is why just a replay button of a memory? Why not add a restart button to make it restart at that point? It would help a lot, wish I had this game on the PC, I would just reload a last saved game.... Looks like either I put down the game and wait for a long over due fix that might not come at all, look to delete the saved game data on the xbox one to restart the game - or say the hell with it and go trade the broken game for one that works better....