View Full Version : Can't join in co op with club members...?

12-16-2014, 03:41 PM
Guys, I dun know if it is a known issue, or it didn't happen to everyone, but at least I am having this problem

I have been to 2 clubs so far, the reason I switched club in the first place is, I can never join in co op with my fellow club members!

What I mean by that is, whenever a club member invite me into his/her game or I invite them into mine, the connection always fail, the game will tell me fail to join

No matter how many times I tried with my club members it just don't happen. I found that strange because I have no problem joining in random co op or heist, as well as somebody invite me in that don't belong to my club. But when it is between the same club members, the join in always fail...

I suspected something wrong with this in the game because I have NEVER to be able to join in with same club members, neither they invite me or I invite them, it always fail

If u are having same problem, or u know how to solve this problem, please reply and help

Maybe somebody should take a better look at this 1...