View Full Version : AC Unity Tricks

12-16-2014, 10:41 AM
I have played all the AC games starting with ACII and I appreciate that the controls seem to be getting better with every iteration (although changing primary weapons is a pretty involved process).
I have gotten through about 70% of this game and am still learning things about the revised controls. I appreciate that Arno can run over rooftops at full speed without having to stop and carefully aim for that rope or post. I use a PS4 and I have gotten pretty good at running full speed down the streets, weaving in and out of traffic. He still gets stuck on things, like tables and low fences, but not as much as before. (It also helps that everyone is not carrying breakable jars and that running does not attract the police like it did 1000 years ago.)
One thing I learned today is that Arno can aim while hiding behind an obstacle. Pushing the L1 button will cause an aiming dot to appear. It will become red when it is on target although (it is sometimes hard to see the dot). Then press L2 to fire the weapon. You apparently are "breaking cover" since enemies facing you will see you (unlike BF where you could fire while staying hidden in the bushes.)
I have not mastered quick fire yet - it is certainly not as easy as in BF where targets were automatically highlighted.
Does Arno have any other tricks I should know about?