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12-13-2014, 03:58 PM
Hello again Ubisoft and the Assassins Creed Team. Im here to give you guys some more feedback on Custimization. Id like to start out on how great custimization is. You guys put in blood,sweat, and tears into it. But, the game has been out for more than a month now and Customization is getting very dull. Mabe my recomendations may change what you guys add in the game.

More Legendary Gear everywhere Because of how long the games been out, this has givin players to become very high ranks. They all look the same in Multiplayer and on top of all that there is not enough legendary Customization. This should include Head,Chest,Forearms,Belts,Legs Etc... Adding in alot more all around would be great.

Heads- I was wondering if you guys could also add balaclavas into the game. It would cool for example to wear the tailored phantom hood with a balaclava. Also adding in alot more detail to eye masks would be a great option. It would be cool if there was different eye masks. This would add alot more diversity from player to player.

Weapons- There simply isnt enough of this either. More legendary weapons must be added into the game. More Pistols/Rifles. More Swords. You get the point. Remember Customization was the most requested feature. And now that we have it, its not enough. Get what im saying?

Waist- I cant stress how annoying this is. I want it to look great with what im wearing, but at the same time, I want it to be great with what I do. As of right now I have the Legendary Phantom Belt. What I really would like is the Legendary Prowler Belt. But I am unable to unlcok it due to Club Competition not being out for the longest time. So How about insted of unlocking Legendary Gear thats already in the game, Add ALOT more.

Thanks for listening to me. And I really want you guys to reply to me.

Many thanks, Jake

12-14-2014, 12:58 PM
my issue with customization in this game in general is that there is a lot of equipment that is pretty much the same. mainly coats and weapons. most high end gear grants the same time of bonuses. roughly the same protection and roughly same enhancement to the eagle vision or what not. and there is no real need for better eagle vision anyways.
and all weapons do roughly the same damage and range and parry doesnt matter so weapons are all the same. heavy and long are nearly identical.
and all weapons of roughly the same price have the same stats.

so customization is mainly about being the strongest and most expensive and within the most expensive category its about looks.
and if it's so much abuot looks than i wish there was more to put on the head than just hoods. hats, caps, nothing. all these would have been welcomed, even if it isnt the assassins signiture look. we got a bloody iron mask in dead kings. why not hats?

i love the customization in ACU. im really really glad it's here, but i wish that there were more differences in the same price tiers. like swords that do more damage than others yet its harder to time the perfect parry with them, or they are easy to parry with and do little damage and are very fast, etc etc.

same with armors - armors that cause arno to move slower and swing slower but have better protection. armor that makes it harder to roll but give great blending time. something like that.