View Full Version : Tuning - What Parts Really Matter?

12-12-2014, 09:33 PM
So I've been doing a fair bit of max car level racing lately in PvP, and what I had assumed was a nice mix of speed/accel/braking and grip just doesn't seem to be getting the job done as much as I'd like, with lower level cars still flying past occasionaly or at the very least keeping pace quite easily. With the current state of the game, are grip and brake bonuses even worth taking? Are we better off going all speed, or mostly speed with a sprinkling of accel? I havn't found that perfect zen mix of parts yet, and was wondering what other people's experiences have been.

Interestingly, after equipping the same mix of parts and bonuses in the same slots for the Aventador, Gallardo and Skyline, the Skyline comes out on top as far as 1299 stats are concerned, the Aventador having the slowest top speed. That seems wrong to me considering how much more power that car has as a base stat.

Thanks in advance for any helpful feedback!

12-12-2014, 10:06 PM
From my experience bonuses don't really matter. Well not with 2 different cars. For example having the Season Pass Ferrari i could never get the same Accel on my other perf cars even with full accel bonus. My perf impala spins its wheels constantly. going full grip didn't change anything either. Top speed, now from what i've seen it should matter the most, right? Well not between two different cars. One of my car has less Speed stat, yet goes faster for some reason.

And i don't understand actually how these cars have these stats. I know it should be "balanced" which i'm fine with, but why does a classic non-aerodynamic car has higher top speed, but less accel with over 1200 torque than a fully aerodynamic cars with about 600 torque? Like really.