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12-10-2014, 11:42 PM
well, ive been playing assassins creed since the first game and i thought it were awsome. I played second game and it was even better and now after playing black flag (which was pretty good), i get this ****? Where is assassins creed headed? where is ubisoft headed with this?

First of all, the porting is horrible and they shouldnt be blaming amd for not optimizing their gpu for their game, and when the game is released the game should be working. Now after some patches its playable but still its laggy, and still contains allot of bugs.
I somewhat like what they did with the combat system, but they nerfed it so much that it sucks to run around killing in single player... you cant protect yourself from shots, you cant dive under the water, you cant carry bodys (which is strange since the sneaky part of the game have been improved).
Also its ******** that you are available to change gear anywhere, instead of going to a blacksmith like some of the earlier games.
And why are you not allowed to use hidden blade in combat anymore? or a knife? and what happend to the bombs? throwing knifes? secondary weapons? counter attacks? dissarming? throw people of buildings? fist fight? steal their weapons?
i love the graphics, and the setting of the game and i really do love the idea of coop but atm its not working due to the freeze bug which disconnects the other player....
In my opinion the game serie are going backwards, they removed to many features such as the ones a talked about above (Secondary weapons, counter attacks, meat shield with guard etc).

Whats your ideas of the game?

12-11-2014, 12:32 AM
Well I don't care where AC is headed as it's just a game :confused:

Port ? I don't care where it originates from... it could have been made on a zx81 as far as I'm concerned... it plays on my pc and that is all I require.

So far every AC game meets and passes my test :) but if they put any more of those frustrating timed levels in where you pull a lever I'll have a re-think.

Changes to weapons/ combat/ methods..... for everything one person likes or dislikes there is another with the opposite view. On the FC4 forum people are complaining that the weapons were just copy and paste from FC3... so Ubi get complaints about not changing weapons in a game and complaints about changing weapons in another game... which is why they're smart enough to ignore us most of the time ;)

There are things I like in previous AC games and things I'm not keen on but the nice thing is... they are still there if I want them ... I just play that game... we do not have a human shield any more but we just roll out of the way of the shot and it is the same key for me as grabbing a human shield (space bar) so either game... to avoid being shot press the space bar at the right time. the only thing that has changed is the animation not the outcome. The mechanics stay the same without the game appearing stale (and complaints about it being a copy of previous games)

My thoughts on the game are.... Unity will win a lot of awards and deservedly so... it is not only a visual feast.... it is a bold step by Ubi it has lots of great things but..... the feature of not having an animation or loading screen when entering or leaving buildings and being able to go through open doors and windows is huge.... but that will probably be overlooked.

Game is excellent, runs well and as I'm not OCD about 100% of everything I don't bother with the nomad companion or initiates :D

12-11-2014, 12:36 AM
like you said as my biggest disappointing factor is combat system to be honest, its AC1 combat system but instead of using two buttons to dodge, you are using one button, chain kills should have stayed and shield as well, now you are getting shot from everywhere, the marker is bugged, sometimes it appears and other times when its not fully glowing red you get shot, if human shield is there, you get cover until the shots are over especially there are no chain kills.

This new combat system is not challenging rather than making it unforgiving AI, the shots and enemies numbers reminds me of AC3, tons of them coming at you, but at least in AC3 there were shield and chain kills. now they all jump you and start shooting, so Smoke Bomb is a must. thats without mentioning the parry doesnt always work , it seems like the key doesnt get registered and you get hit, looks like a bug to me.

i do understand that they are trying to promote stealth in this game and added crouch button as well, but not everyone likes stealth and play hide-seek, since AC1, some people say its stealthy game but i disagree, its a stealthy game for some extent not entirely, the game should give you the option to be stealthy or not, the way i play is by going directly from the front door, kill everyone and get out, the new mechanics broke this thing, now the only way to do it is by using smoke bombs not because i cannot handle the number of enemies but because of the shots, its insane, and that makes combat so boring with all smoke around and just keep clicking the mouse button to kill everyone.

Combat system evolved since AC1, ACB introduced chain kills because of the complaints about keep repeating the same hits for each enemy to kill it in AC2, then it evolved to the better in AC3, i would agree that "Block" icon marker shouldnt be there to block any attack but its ok for me, didnt bother, anyway, we reached Unity and suddenly the combat system is going back to AC1/AC2, it should have evolved to the better not going backwards to where it all started and repeat the same complaints and issues from players.

Graphics are gorgeous , its truly a next gen PC game, they did a great job there.

Story, well, i found it normal, not very interesting though, could have been better, im not gonna dive into details here since it might contain spoilers.

Gameplay length, it reminds me of ACB, not very long story but tons of things to do with side missions, i'd rather have a longer story than side missions.

Sync Points, well the difference here is you are in control of which skill to unlock rather than game unlocking it for your when you reach certain level/progress, i would prefer older AC styles though but its fine, only thing is some skills should have lower levels/progress to unlock.

collectibles, same as any AC, there are many collectibles to get, only two complaints, the excessive amount of chests and lock pick, the same was introduced in AC3 and the vast majority didnt like it, so its alot better to reduce number of chests, lock pick was enhanced here and works alot better than AC3, but IMO it should go away as it doesnt add anything to user experience.

Murder Mysteries - since this is a new concept in AC series, this is one of best amazing things introduced to the series, it really adds some great flavor to side missions and variety, please more of that in AC V. big kudos for this one.

Anyway, i hope in next AC they will bring back fists, hidden blade, shield, chain kills and rope darts (this was one of the most amazing weapons in AC series)

12-11-2014, 01:01 AM
I voted: Think they should add some of the old.

Minus the bugs and graphical glitches (which still get on my nerves), Unity has some really cool elements. I like Paris Stories, Co-Op and Heists. I love murder mysteries and social club events. I sincerely hope that murder mysteries return in ACV. And the social club events are like the assassination contracts from earlier games. I really do enjoy, immensely I might add, that in the story assassinations and the social club events that you truly can eliminate your target(s) in about any way you want...I love that!

I rather like the combat in ACU. In earlier games, I could easily go on massive massacre sprees, now while massacre sprees are fun, the combat in ACU makes you think:

How to approach the enemy

Do you really want to engage the enemy

Which I find more rewarding.

Now the one thing that bugs me to no end is: I wish for the love of god that I had the option to 'gentle push' npcs. It is so easy to get half-way stuck in a crowd.

12-11-2014, 02:16 AM
Combat system is so much better, nice timed attacks like old school games like Gothic, no the horrible press E to block and Space to break attack like Black Flag, so dumbed down. No, criminals can easily kill you and do finishing attacks so you really have to watch yourself.

12-11-2014, 02:50 AM
I've stated my opinions on ACU in other threads and they haven't changed but, in summary, pretty disappointed except with realisation of Paris itself.

I'm just posting here to note that in 'AC: VIctory' is set in 1880s London, a Sherlock Holmes/Jack the Ripper angle is almost inevitable, so I expect plenty more Murder Mysteries in ACV. I do wish these were more complex in terms of revisiting evidence and using it to get additional admissions out of witnesses.

03-19-2015, 09:30 AM
the main thing that bugs me is the co-op could've been so much better like the teaser trailer for co-op before its release and instead it turned out very light and kinda washed up : /