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12-10-2014, 08:59 AM
(im sorry for the grammar I am german :) )

Okay guys first of all, Im turning red now means I will be full pesimistic on this post. If anyone wants to ignore my text, thats fine.
I still hope that the game will be good but I came to the concluson that is better to see black and maybe be surprised next year.

Reason why Victory will suck

"Apparently" Ubisoft Quebec works on that project since 2007, at least its what its written on Kotaku and that they only worked on the first AC (which sucked as well) and those two DLCs.
I made some researches (google) and found out that Ubisoft has more than 9200 employees through 28 countries. Which makes approximately 328employees per Studio or Country.

So this already shows me that Ubisoft goes for quantity over qulaity. And I am certain that they have a lot of mid-class programmer to build their games. They might have the tools for building good games but how we see in Unity, they lack of knowledge and competence.
That said lets look at something else. If you would work at Ubisoft and you know your "Team" does a great job and everything is fine. You have a high position in the studio, made yourself a name, get well payed at the end of the month. Would you leave? Well not me at least. But it seems that Jade Raymond wasnt that convinced about her job and have you ever asked yourself why?
I found an interesting article:

Raymond said in a prepared statement. "This is one of the hardest decisions of my career, but the Toronto studio is strong and on a solid path. Iím confident that now is a good time for me to transition leadership of the studio to Alex and to pursue my other ambitions and new opportunities. Stay tuned for more on whatís next for me, but for now, I'd like to thank Ubisoft for its partnership through the years, and I wish them the very best in all their next endeavours."

Make anttention to the line " Raymond said in a PREPARED statedment. What does that mean? that this wasnt HER statement? That it was made from ubisoft? Okay I admit that I go tinfoilhat right know but still. You have to know, in some Workplaces where you have a high position you also have special contracts. Means: There are contracts that said, I you ever leave Ubisoft, you are not allowed to go to concurrence XYZ and If you leave and you must give a reason or a statement you have to give statement XYZ. Another good example of this policy is when you run a coffee shop in a town or village. If you are closing your Club or cafeteria, you are not allowed to reopen one within 3 years (the timespan might vary between countries) . For the reason that otherwhise the customers would immediately go to that club they already know.

But back to the question. Why did raymond leave? Maybe she wasnt satisfied about the project. Maybe the team turned down to ****. Maybe she just couldnt handle the moneymilking morality of Ubisoft"

And again another point towards the quantity aspect. What is one of the most important thing in a crew which is that large? Communication! Of course indivdual talent too but communication inbetween the crew is more than important. And what do you think how it turns out to manage Communication between 9200 employees.

Another thing is also the "production" duration. So if they are working really since 2007 which I highly doubt. it would be only slightly better than Unity. Because Unity was 4-5 years in production. Thats why I think that it is ******** what Ubisoft tells us. If you really think about? How woudl they already made up the story that far? I mean if you want to build something you need a concept. And there is a dedicated cocept team for that. This means they would have already known and written down the story of all the present AC*s in 2007 if they are really working that long on a project. And you remember the statement of Ubisofts CEO "As long as the Assassins Creed franchise sells well, we wont consider to stop the annualy release". Dafuq? Means that the already knew the success of the present AC titles? I doubt it. They are freaking liars.

Okay for now I think thats all. If anyhing pops up my mind Ill post it. You can call me idiot and you can call me whatever you want. But thats only my opinion. Still I really really hope that it will be finally a good game. Maybe reach again the quality of AC2. Have a good day!

12-10-2014, 09:15 AM
Ubisoft has 9200 employees. Ubisoft doesn't just exist out of assassins creed brother. Quebec worked on AC1, The Freedom Cry DLC, which both were fairly successful. AC1 was for the time very revolutionary. Second off, Kotaku leaked Victory, Ubisoft never stated anything about that, so they can't lie about it. Everything you are insinuating in your ramble are things that A. Aren't confirmed B. You are guessing C. Were never SAID BY UBISOFT. That last part should mean the most.

Jade Raymond left because working on projects in the gaming industry is terribly hard from a managing point of view. Even though it's not 9200 employees like you are claiming, but you have to ensure the right communication between several hundreds of people working on such a project. She left because she needs a break. Amancio did the same, Ashraf Ismael is taking a break after Black Flag, etc. etc. You are honestly insinuating that Jade Raymond quitting her job as leading figure from the main studio of Assassins Creed developers has anything to do with the quality of a project her studio isn't even working on? Why in the world would anybody do that lol, why would she even care? She'd get paid, that's that. No, she is taking that break like all of them are.

But besides all these points, I haven't heard 1 good reason why Victory has something to do with all of this and why it would instantly suck, besides the Quebec Studio thing. By the way, the Quebec studio in 2007 is pretty much extremely different from the one currently there. It wouldn't be fair for me to judge the company you work for/at by looking at how they did in 2007.

Honestly, I doubt Victory will be bad, because it's the follow up game, and they tend to be surprisingly better then the previous one. It also has a great setting, allowing a rich lore and story to be opened up. There is context and information enough about the era, so it will feel real as well. I'm excited for Victory :D!

12-10-2014, 09:21 AM
They worked on TOKW and Freedom Cry
TOKW had super powers...
Freedom Cry had weapons in map you could find and use...
I'm actually excited to see what this team does, because they bring freshness to the series with the DLC alone theyve made :)

12-10-2014, 09:23 AM
Victory will be a great game if they can get it to us virtually bug free.... every game has bugs.

The development time for these games seems to be 2-3yrs. The team that did ACII did Black Flag. The AC 1 team did a good job, I loved the first game, and have great faith in them.

The same way I knew Black Flag was going to be brilliant, due to the team that did that ACII. Which to alot of us is the BEST in the series!

Ubisoft, well the AC team already have an ending, so thats why they said that they can make it run for quite a while.

Unity is not that bad ofa game, it just had issues... I didn't like Arno as I didn't feel a connection with him like Ezio[my favourite character of the series!] but the story and game mechanics were pretty sweet. Albeit the issues :-)

Like I said... have faith...

12-10-2014, 09:32 AM
I said I was going full pesimistic on this thread :D

well according to that page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ubisoft the have over 9200 members ;)
They worked on Freedom Cry and the tyranny of Washington.

And about Ubisoft confirming more or less Victory: You should do better researches ;) http://www.vg247.com/2014/12/02/ubisoft-confirms-assassins-creed-victory-leak-is-genuine/
Of course the arent gonna say: Yes yes this is our next game. think my friend!

and then: "Jade Raymond left because working on projects in the gaming industry is terribly hard from a managing point of view" They want you that to believe that she left because she needs a break.. some people in the game industries have been there for more than twenty years. Look at naughty dog, there are members who works together for more than 15years... You think you would read anywhere that somebody left because the studio sucked? If she would have said that anywhere you could be sure that she would get into some troubles after that for finding a new job...

And my reason why the game will suck is in my whole text in the context of the reason given... I know my spelling isnt perfect and makes it hard to read. But if you pay close attention. I mentioned that there is no way that they are working since 2007 on it, that it is difficult to work with that many people, that ubisoft goes for quantity than quality. Of course I cant tell that Victory wil lsuck of the story aspects of gameplay mechanics. I cant specify the "sucking" part due to lack of information about the game. the same I could tell of the division that it will suck because of the same reason as before.

12-10-2014, 09:59 AM
Judging by Unity, Victory should be great.
The release should go better too with what's been learned and dealt with recently.

I want some PvP combat. Can you feel it coming? I can feel it, and I think it's wearing perfume too!!