View Full Version : Why no marker on enemie heads when they prepare to hit u and no low hp warning ?

12-08-2014, 01:47 AM
Hi guys.I just minimized my game in taskbar with so much fustration and anger for the ....rd who took the decision not to put a litle sign above an enemie head like in AC4, just before they hit u.
Seriously Ubi, seriously ? Because trust me, in the heat of the battle, at least in my case it's the last thing i could pay attention to know that my HP is getting low.
Ofcourse i am mostly 99% focused on how to bring down my opponents!
It was so convenient and PROPER in AC4 when your life was down, u knew that, because your screen would flash and u could take actions to replantish your healt and oh man, the battle mechanic was just damn good in AC4 and so, so intuitive and could take on even 10 stronger enemies at once and beat them.Hard but u could beat them and u would get that satisfaction...Instead i only get fustration and anger and mostly i am afraid to put my self againts even 3 or even 2 enemies.

WHY THE F**K DID U MADE THE NPC's SO THOUGH ?.It's just a game Ubi, get over with and stop causing fustration and not beying able to enjoy a good, balanced battle gameplay.
About the story,what can i say...it pretty much leaves me cold.If u would ask me to remember something from AC4, i would gladly tell and with a satisfiyng feeling about it but pls dont ask me something from ACU.
At the beggining of the game, when ARNO gets on the streets of France ''Dont know about u, but i play a lot of multiplayer games''
Lol, just lol and no comment (coulnd't u think of a smarter line ?)
What can i say about the bugs and glitches....just that i am one of the victims also.
I AM SORRY I BOUGHT THE GAME (and seasson pass also).Now what ? Not even after 3 patches u coulnd't fix the bugs and u supose we will wait another 6 months like for W_D ? ****rd developer.
Pls put in the next patch a marker on enemie head to let the player know about an incoming strike ! I mean, seriously, in most of AC games was that.WHY NOT NOW ?
Pls put a flasj screen or something to let the player know when his life bar is low !
Final words :
Honestly i wish there could be a legal way or a petition or something to punish those guys in the development team who released a broken game with a broken gameplay.
We now literary are at the mercy of the developer and cant do nothing about it.Sad, just sad !

12-08-2014, 02:30 AM
The games not even heard you're just bad. It's good that ubisoft put some difficulty in the game, every damn assassins creed game before has been easy as **** "press x to kill everyone"

But there is a tell, when their health bars flash yellow you counter. But you're probably 12 and too impatient to read anything

12-08-2014, 03:48 AM
Is... is this post a joke?

1. The game does give you warnings when an enemy is about to strike. It's a red bar that appears above the enemy's head and then it glows yellow just as they're going to hit you. You need to time your parries just right as the bar glows yellow to create a perfect parry, which temporarily leaves the enemy vulnerable to attacks, and then you kick his ***.

I find this post hilarious because so many people were *****ing about how combat was too easy in ACIII and ACIV, being able to slay countless enemies with chain kills and easy counter kills. Now, they've finally made the combat more difficult and people are still complaining. Can't please everyone, I suppose.

2. You're complaining that the game does not give you a warning about your health being low? I'm sorry, but I don't recall ANY Assassin's Creed game going out of it's way to warn you when you're about to die. Normally you can judge that yourself by, I dunno, looking at your health bar. When it's low, use a medicine. It's not that hard.

The rest of your post is pretty incomprehensible and not worth responding to. But it sounds like you're pissed because the game branched off radically from the combat system of previous AC installments and you are unwilling to adapt. It's a weak complaint and you need to get better or get f**ked.

12-08-2014, 07:28 AM
Well, he considers taking on 10 enemies in AC4BF hard... So cut him some slack. Unity must be IMPOSSIBLE for him.

I love it. I actually have to pay attention to my combat instead of hitting b-x-b-x with one hand while I sip my morning coffee with the other.

I remember taking a whole ship standing in place with one hand. Thank heavens for the new combat.

12-08-2014, 07:34 AM
Yeah, AC4 combat was bad, just constantly block and you can kill every guard, in Unity you just can't do that and at last it's a challenge with good timing.