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12-07-2014, 08:51 PM
i have problem with instaltaion the game.
First i want to play in laptop, but its not "strong " enough. On the laptop there was no problem with activation. After that I remove the game from laptop and made instalation in PC. But then occours the problem when I want to play in the PC. When I open Uplay there is no button PLAY.
Please help me.

(sorry for my bad english)

12-08-2014, 12:48 AM

To move the game from PC to PC, copy/paste game files alone will not do, you need to open registry keys for the game and have UPlay_Install.state file inside "Ubisoft Game Launcher\data\720", so i will list the procedure -ASSUMING YOU HAVE UPLAY VERSION OF THE GAME NOT STEAM- in steps to be easier to follow:

1. Best is to start downloading the game by pressing the download button.
2. Once the first 7 GB out of 40GB have been downloaded, the play button will be active while the download for the rest of the files continues in the background.
3. Press play and the game will start installing then launch.
4. Exit the game as soon as it starts.
5. Press on the download icon within UPlay at the top right and cancel the download, then quit UPlay and make sure its not hiding in the tray area.
6. Copy/paste the game from your laptop to game's installation folder on your PC.
7. Delete "UPlay_download.state" (i forgot the exact name but its one state file to track download progress and name will be obvious) file inside game's installation folder on your PC.
8. Launch UPlay, click on the game, there is an arrow next to "Play" button, click on it and select "Verify Game Files"

Step 8 is not necessary but its good to check for corrupted files before starting, so once the verification is done, launch the game and you are all good.