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12-07-2014, 07:10 PM
Hello Ubisoft and Assassins Creed Team, Id like to give you a list of what my personal feedback is on this game is. What should be fixed, added, etc. Please read everything. First off, For "higher" level players like myself. We need alot more. I really would like to see more legendary custimization either from a DLC or just added as an update to the game, Unity has the perfect oppurtunity to do just that. Also A cool thing you guys could also add more Active Skills. As of now there is group healing, disguise, assassins cache, and communel sense. You should add it least 2 more. For example a melee active skill called juggernaut. It temporeraly inflicts more damage to the enemy. And decreses damage done to the player(s). And mabe even a stealth boost. Call it Incognito. It makes the enemy harder to see either the player or player(s) for a certaint amount of time. Now when adding in this. Why not add more multiplayer? extend it to 6? It is good for bigger clubs to play together. What I would also love to see is more Heists and Co-op Missions. I already have 100% And big team (6 players) would be great and could only be benificial. Heres some advice/personal thought.

Co-Op-THE CONTEST- This would be similar to THE TOURTEMENT. However Much Larger And Team Based. "Capture all the money from the Military Camps to enter the contest. Once in Fight to the death until you can free "François-Noël Babeuf".

Heist-THEATER- Inflitrate "Filles de Calvaire Convent" Find The Correct Jewlery In The Chests. And exit without being caught.

Those are just some examples of my own innovation. Make sure if you do decide adding in heists and co-op missions, please make it so that its a 6 man operation. Moving forward back to the Custimization. Not only do we need alot more legendary clothing in the near future, but new weapons as well for everybody in all classes. One-Handed,Long,Heavy,Pistols,Rifles. Not only should you guys update that but add more to it. Perhaps a nee class? Two-Handed?. They consist of daggers,knives,blades,and small swords. Make it so if you do all this that Legendary people also have a bit more diversity and unIque so they dont go into multiplayer with the fact that they look like someone else,

The World in France is great and I know with "Dead Kings" just around the corner we will receive alot more. But why end there? I mean France is great but why not expand the Map? You have alot more power to do so. Xbox One and PS4, Offer more than enough for you guys to add alot more to the map. Being able to see the Eiffel Tower and areas that are amazing. Adding in more random events and things to do around France would also be great. For example. More Missions,Artifacts,And Special Gear rewards. And Lastly probably the most requested thing on my list thats on the same level as customization, Boats. Similar to Black Flag, it should not be hard to add it as you guys could simply take the animations and coding and re write it partially into unity. It would be great to loot ships and fight War Lords. While being in France. Please I hope you guys read all of this. This list must be the most requested things of all time on this game. And I know that it might be a little early. But please take these things into consideration thank you so much. -Jake.

12-08-2014, 10:15 PM
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback for the team, Jake.
I will be more than happy to send it up to the team. Thanks again!

12-08-2014, 10:28 PM
So you just don't want to give people who prefer to play alone a chance to succeed

12-08-2014, 11:27 PM
i wish more [coop] missions could be done solo.
i dont like how the missions dont change according to the number of players.
currently its best balanced for 2 players. no more or it gets too easy. but it's usually too hard to solo. it's possible but it's so hard that it's not fun. you have to either memorize every detail about a mission and playing it in the only possible way it is possible solo, instead of playing it your own way, or exploit whatever weekness the game balance has.

regardless i wish the game had what BAD BLOOD has for watch dogs, which is the street sweep missions. those constantly appear, they slightly change and are fun in two players. THIS is what i wish for Unity - that UBI will create as many "missions zones" as possible across paris and fill them with potential objectives and let the game change objectives every time you pick one of these missions up so every time the same "mission zone" will be played differently, solo or coop.