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12-06-2014, 01:25 PM
Dear dev ,

Hi ! I love AC Unity , i'm french so i'm happy to play in Paris . But there is some problems , and i think i'm not alone to get those problems . I give you a list :
1 - the game freeze , you can think " mmmh ... This is is computer " , totaly not . I play at BF4 in high quality , i played AC Black Flag in high quality . With AC unity , i can't , because the frame will go down more . Some friends on PS4 got this one .
2 (a funny one ^^) - the IA ... The IA is stupid xD ! I saw some enemies tried to go outside of a building ... By the same windows ... And they just didn't stop .
3 - some secondary quest bug :/ ... After 10 (no joke) death , i finally killed every guards (The little prince) in a house . I talked to the prince , but he didn't moved . I almost cried x'D !! I was so angry (the same for primary quest , can't remember the name) .
4 - the last one ... This is the first time that i have a problem like that in AC . When i climb , Arno bug . He jump in a random way or just go through the walls . I try with a controler for pc and with a mouse and a keyboard to be sure that this isn't my fault , and this isn't . This don't happen everytime .
Please , can you try to do something for this ? I'd like to play to this game without bugs .

Thanks (the game could be amazing) .
A fan ;) .

12-06-2014, 01:39 PM
everyone has same problems as you (random freezes are the most annoying for me). 'devs' are hopefully working on patch #4.....