View Full Version : Companion app and Club Competition. Yuck. Yet...

12-06-2014, 09:12 AM
Who came up with these ideas?

Locking Legendary items in some odd piecemeal fashion where you can't match a suit, is, ridiculous. Especially since the content doesn't exist and it sounds like its going to be a weird way of unlocking it.

The companion app completely breaks my immersion. I wouldn't mind -as- much if it was like it is in black flag where you can actually access it in the game and not be forced to have a phone.

I'll say this. I started the companion app shortly after starting Unity. I finished the Unity story, I'm at 89% synch. After Unity I revisited Black Flag and AC3. I've 100% synched black flag and freedom cry, and I'm at 65% synch in AC3. I've been going on the companion app for well over almost 3 weeks and things aren't even halfway unlocked. I also just had 3 of my main assassins die on a 100% success mission. Those guys took a long time to level to where they were.

Locking content away is just lame. Lame. Llame. Don't you remember the Capcom DLC on the disk controversy?

Yet...I think Unity is a great game but it has such a weird feeling to it. I think it's the best AC to date, but I really have issues with these things. I don't want locked content to be the norm. I want the club competition requirement removed, or another way to unlock them *rank, or $500k, $1m?*

I know these things aren't going to be changed, but what as a consumer can I do to prevent things like this from being in future games? I don't want to boycott, I love AC games.