View Full Version : Going back to play Altair, Ezio, Connor, Achilles etc...

12-06-2014, 03:02 AM
In AC games we've had sequences where we've gone back to play as Altair and now we have rifts... But what I would like is the ability to "track" an artifact across a long time and across many lands.

In modern day a part of an artifact is found and via the animus we play as Altair to see where he sent the pieces. We go back and play as Ezio or Suleiman or Yussuf tracing clues and following the trails.

If the artifacts are stolen by Templars we could jump into Haytham or Jaques de molay etc... to locate them then back into the animus and into Connor, Achilles, Adewale Aveline or Edward to find there location in north or south America.

Others across Europe could be played as Elise, Arno or Bellec.

We could access anyone from templar to Assassin and also visit our past favourite places and people.

The Database could be like an interactive family tree with pictures and details of each person and links to people who they connect with in some way and as we uncover each new person we could "jump" into that person... to help us find clues.

It would give people the Animus back, it would give the MD back, it would put us back in some familiar and less familiar people and places and even Juno could help with a little intervening and knowledge.

I'd like to see a little more links between the Templars and the founding fathers (as it is rumoured they were mostly Masons).