View Full Version : Your Paris Stories.

12-05-2014, 09:27 PM
As disappointing Unity is, that's not the point of this thread. It's more about the small things you did or just happened. Your favorite methods of dealing with a guards indoors or outside. Funny deaths or favorite kills.

When treasure hunting(chests) I love the moments when I smoothly walk in the building, killing with ever guard with hidden blade only each floor(silently) and unlock the chest before I walk out like I own the place. It's so satisfying.

Then there is the more tactical moments when I drop a smoke bomb and clean the era for guards silently.

Or when plaything the AC2 like mission(a co-op mission) with capture the flag and the fights before the assassination(a pain to do alone btw), love the mission as much as I hate it.

*me at a bar corner either a glass of wiskey*

So pisspot, do you have any Paris stories yourself worth sharing?

12-05-2014, 09:34 PM
That moment when I'm playing co op and we all stab 1 guy like 30 times

12-06-2014, 01:06 AM
My favorite random moment was when I tackled a thief and a priest stopped by to lecture him. :D

Usually I get spotted (yellow alert) at least once every mission, but the times when absolutely no-one sees you are so satisfying. Did one of the club contracts yesterday, snuck in completely undetected into a high security building, cornered the target in his office upstairs and snuck out the window before anyone knew what had happened. Felt like such a boss.

And sometimes even if you get spotted it feels like something straight out of a movie. I managed to sneak into a highly guarded courtyard area, stabbed the guy quietly, and just as one of the guards yelled: "Hey, you there! Wait a moment!", I took a fast lift onto the rooftop and disappeared into the night. I imagined Arno giving the guard a mocking salute just before blasting off in the lift. ;)

12-06-2014, 02:22 AM
"Flamel's Secret" story's alchemist got in a fight and died while I was looking for the chest upstairs so I didn't have to do anything in that mission. Not sure whether it's a good thing.