View Full Version : need help with nastrdamus enigmas

12-05-2014, 03:36 PM
I don't want the answerer to the riddle, but I need some hints. Everywhere I go they only tell the answerer, I Mostly find the area Im supposed to go, but There are some things I don't get.

12-08-2014, 12:35 AM
I have the same issue, I don't want the answer, just some hint and pointers. I just asked for help on the 2nd riddle in Aries. It would be nice if there was some type of hint system in the game.

12-08-2014, 02:16 AM
I need help with this as well ;)

12-10-2014, 01:08 PM
Which one do you need help with? Post here stating you don't want the answer and people will help you and guide you ;)