View Full Version : Dear UBISOFT [SPOILER]

12-04-2014, 10:40 AM
Dear Ubisoft,
I just finished playing AC Unity and let me preface this by saying I don’t mind the bugs so much, sure it’s annoying when you fall through the floor at the last step but with a game this large and complicated there are bound to be some and should be fixed through some patches. What I do take issue with however is the treatment of the game itself, now please do take this to heart, Dulling down a character does NOT constitute “improvement”.

Let’s start with why it is that the combat system consists of jab, parry, and ‘super jab’….thats it, do you remember when Ezio was capable of grabbing someone, disarming them, insulting them, head butting them, kicking them, using someone as a human shield, fighting with fists, fighting with hidden blades, throwing dust in their eyes, throwing weapons like spears and axes and so on, now please enlighten me as to what exactly has changed so drastically in the controls that the combat has to be so reta…dulled down? Ofcourse Arno should have his own style but does it have to be so monotonous? Or were you jumping on the ‘Batman Combat System’ band wagon? Let them do that, you guys do you. Whats more annoying about just the combat is the fact that you have to EARN your double assassinations? Really? Considering all Edward has to do was put on assassin cloths. Could we not have atleast earned something more practical like human shield against gunfire? The man can be seen constantly hanging off ledges with one hand and yet refuses to shoot or throw a bomb with the other. (Not to mention sitting down on a bench is something you have to earn now apparently.)

The new flippy floppy parkour looks cool until he is actually required to do something in a pinch; at that point anything he does simply takes twice as longer than he’s supposed to. (Its fair assumption to think it’s me screwing up but I assure you it’s not) Now this could be my imagination but I remember Connor had much more of a fluid movement than any of the assassins before him, if he hit a tree or a rock he would simply flow around it, and I was both content and impressed with that, whereas when I control Arno I constantly sound like I'm training a mentally challenged dog “UP ARNO, NO GO UP ARNO, DOWN ARNO DOWN, LET GO ARNO, GO IN THE WINDOW ARNO, DAMNIT ARNO THROUGH NOT OVER, NONONO DON’T ASSASSINATE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SHOOT ” At times he wouldn’t make the simplest of drops or jumps and at other times he would happily leap to his death. Whether the controls are going to be crap or good atleast give us consistency.

Listen, I could not care less if each individual raindrop has its own reflection and shadow, I don’t care how many more mindless NPCs you can cram into one scene or how the light glistens off a statues ‘curves’ although I can certainly appreciate it as much as the next guy. I've actually stood in absolute awe for some good 30 minutes staring at each of the gorgeous interiors and the stunning lighting, especially through the stain glass windows BUT Graphic capabilities on any console or pc will continue to evolve independent of what you people do, so stop patting yourself on the back for it and please focus on what's important, on the things that make a game a memorable. That includes characters you care about, memorable in-depth stories. Here's an experiment, think of all the characters and moments you had with them in Ezio’s journey, in any One game, now think of Arnos story….there was Napoleon in about two scenes, that master we kill, some lady who spoke Arabic, One master who honestly reminded me of a Muppet, and a faint romance with Elise, and bland vaguely random people you kill (who you can read memories off of now, becaaaause reasons.) ……….oh woo. It’s come to a point where you guys have taken yourselves too seriously and feels like you're just checking off plot devises and missions off a check list and not bother to put your passion into it anymore. (I'm sure the last bit was rude and I'm wrong but that’s what it feels like from this end of your product) Is this honestly what we can expect from future ‘Next Gen’ AC games? Devolution of assassins and poor storylines but shinier buildings and more NPC?

I write in reference to Ubisoft and not the Assassins creed team in particular because I've begun to see this trend in another third person stealth franchise I used to love; Splinter cell. Taking control of the character Away from the player to do what they want and how they want and giving them the illusion of choice IS NOT FUN. That’s why games like GTA are much more popular in the long run, after the missions are over you can still goof off and try things that might be possible within the world, Not ‘stand in this specific spot’ and ‘press specific button’ and collect collectables sneezed on to the map (lookin at you black flag) mechanics. Please don’t go down this road, I've already forsaken the Splinter Cell series; it’s beyond saving at this point unless someone reboots it or something. But I genuinely believe you guys still have one more chance, one more game to come back to creating games that will stand the test of time and not pander to some yearly game birthing formula.

PS: Whats going on in the ‘present time’ of this game, some random bishop lady contacts you with Shawn but, what else? Do you not realize that’s a fairly large part of the AC franchise? It was one of the best bits of AC games, a mind boggling reveal or twist at the end. Yes I saw a playthrough of Rogue, was that all you guys were prepared to do overall?

Please, please, please be better next time or don’t bother with the hype, it’s a humble request from a fan.