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12-04-2014, 02:54 AM
1st you should change it allot
1st the crew section i suggest as first make Global chat 2 lobby chat and as 3rd crew chat and when people are typing you should make it visible cus text chat is so poorly used cus its bad and no one notice it. idk like stylized comic bubbles or something like that when people are chatting. also wuld be nice if you culd click trough it. like in menu or smth.
ability to drive and chat hell yea i can do that i want that.
and god damn it disable the dumb text filter, the chat looks like ****************** al the time for example type: lap is good, you will end up like this: la**** good and there is ton of examples in game, i understand the offensive language harms children come on children are using curse words 100x more than i do.