View Full Version : why all this happen can't get it at all

12-03-2014, 07:06 PM
i understand the issue in the game everything could happen but you should take more time in game development

but two thing i cant get it

First : where is your QA was with all this issue i'm sure they face all this issue but why the developer didn't fix it before game release and if the QA was clearly fine in this game you really need new QA and i'm ready for it ;)

second : the game look really awesome with the graphics ,lighting ,shadow but what i can't take the game requirements it's a joke for me because if we compare it with any game like BF4 , Call of Duty AW, Crysis , Tomb Raider , .... they all look awesome and some of them look better in graphics in my thought

so like my rig only get 30 fps at best scenario

intel core i7 4770k
amd r9 280x
16 gb ram

every game should work perfect in ultra

it's so good to see new games really go to Next Gen in all attributes but be smart with the resource you have it .

finally i hope you use Mantel in this game it should fix a lot of issue in FPS

thank you for your wonderful game ;)