View Full Version : [PC] How to lose 21 hours worth of Black Flag gameplay

12-03-2014, 02:30 PM
Step 1: Play AC3 and learn that your save game gets saved in the Ubi cloud.

Step 2: Start playing Black Flag

Step 3: Buy a new SSD and reinstall your OS

Step 4: Notice that Ubisoft took away the cloud saving and you just lost your whole savegame

I hereby would like to thank Ubisoft for ****ing me in the *******. After some research on the net i found an explanation which stated that they removed cloud saving to "improve it".
Sorry dont believe you. If you guys would have actually been honest and said you rare too damn cheap to provide this service i wouldnt even be mad. You guys took out an awesome feature which worked perfectly fine.

Once again thank you guys for being cheap.

Yours sincerely,